Ministerial Training

Are you interested in becoming a credentialed, licensed, or ordained Assemblies of God minister? TBC offers a one-year certificate online that meets the academic requirements for Assemblies of God credentials in any of our Assemblies of God Districts/Networks.

Courses Offered: (see list of courses below) Follows the 3-level AG guidelines: Certificate • License • Ordination

Course Requirements: 1-3 credits per course (30 credits total)

Time Frame: Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

Cost per Course: $130.00 per credit hour

Interactive Learning: Professors interact weekly with students through online courses, email, online chat and phone.

Certificate of Completion:  Upon completion, students will receive a non-accredited one-year certificate of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

  1. To begin the process, contact your Assemblies of God District / Network office for additional information and authorization.
    • Montana Ministry Network: 406.652.2417
    • North Dakota District: 701.255.2526
    • South Dakota District: 605.367.3402
  2. For additional information and advising, contact the Distance Education office (DE) at Trinity: 701.349.5454
  3. Click below to download the application and other related forms:
    1. Application Form
    2. Personal Essays
    3. Reference Form
    4. District Authorization Form
    5. Code of Conduct Form
    6. Background Check Form
    7. High School Transcript Request
    8. FERPA Release Form
  4. Submit the $25 registration fee when you send in your application.
  5. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be notified of your class schedule. All courses are online.
  6. At the beginning of each course, TBC’s business office will issue an invoice for your (audit) tuition of $130 per credit.

What courses will I take?

Course Credits
BIBL 151 New Testament History & Literature 3
HITH 151 Pentecostal Heritage 2
PMIN 150 Personal Evangelism 2
PMIN 180 Ministerial Practicum I* 1
BIBL 253 Hermeneutics 3
THEO 161 Introduction to Theology 2
ITCS 101 Introduction to Missions 2
PMIN 439 Issues of Biblical Leadership 2
PMIN 280 Ministerial Practicum II* 1
BIBL 150 Old Testament History & Literature 3
BIBL 350 Pastoral Epistles 2
PMIN 352 Principles of Preaching 3
PMIN 355 Pastoral Theology 2
PMIN 420 Church Law and Taxes 2
  30 credits

*These practicum sessions will be hosted by the District/Network
leadership for a time of community building and learning together.

How do I receive credit for my certificate?

Students who complete this certificate level course and enroll in a degree program at TBC as a traditional student, will receive 30 prorated credits toward their Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry requirements without incurring any additional cost, a saving of more than $12,000.00. Due to this substantial discount, future tuition discounts may be limited.