Graduate School Welcome

Thank you for checking this part of the TBC website.  Trinity Bible College is offering an MA (Missional Leadership.)  Let me tell you why I am so enthusiastic about this degree.

We have a highly experienced and qualified faculty.  It is our belief that contemporary cutting edge education should be presented by people who not only believe what they teach but live it.  

 The MA (Missional Leadership) is an innovative and inclusive degree that equips people in any sphere of leadership, but more particularly Christian leadership.   After serving for seven years in the UK and Europe and being exposed to rampant secularism and the postmodern milieu we have sought to develop a program that will help leaders in these challenging but exciting times.  

 The delivery system is user friendly and ensures that busy people will have the opportunity to fully engage their studies while maintaining the demands of every day life.  

Please check the information on these pages.  We know you will find the program to be stimulating and innovative. The Graduate School team is here to help and serve you in any way we can.

God bless you,  Carol Alexander, Director of Graduate School

Thank you for considering the exciting new graduate studies program at Trinity Bible College. Our MA (Missional Leadership) will be a challenging and invigorating way to equip you for your next level of ministry.

I am here to help you with the practicalities of participating in this program. I will be processing your application and supporting you as liaison with the Trinity community.

My own Master’s degree was completed while I was a missionary in South Africa. Part was done on campus and part as independent study from overseas. That means I understand some of the challenges you will face in completing a vigorous hybrid graduate degree program while keeping up a fulltime capacity elsewhere.

 I look forward to facilitating you achieving your goal. Feel free to contact me with your questions.

In His Service, Sara Best - Administrator, Graduate School