Greetings from the President

Getting a quality education is a serious challenge to today’s students. 
It is expensive, can involve quite complex course choices and often does not lead to a career without more costly education at an advanced level.  This is true for many who would choose to start their training at a Bible College.

Because I am acutely aware of these challenges I, along with my wife Carol and our excellent team are committed to help position Trinity Bible College to become the College of choice for those who are seeking a meaningful pathway into ministry, mission and the workforce.  There are several factors that are very important to me as the President of this great college.  Let me list some of them for you.

Firstly, I believe that great Colleges have good governance.  This means that there is an engaged and responsible Board of Trustees who take their fiduciary and other responsibilities very seriously.  Trinity has such governance.

Then, there must be a rigorous academic program that not only meets the required standards of accreditation but is delivered by highly qualified professors and supported by excellent administration.  We are working hard to ensure the best possible education for our students.

Of course, there must be more than education.  Training involves active learning environments, exciting hands on service and a commitment to social justice and the poor.  Mission opportunities, service in inner city communities and practical ministry in churches are not ‘add-ons’ or optional extras as far as we are concerned.  Trinity is rapidly incorporating these elements into our program.

Finally, there must be an environment that is caring, supportive and vibrant in terms of spiritual life.  This is a very high priority for us. A dedicated Student Life department that provides caring advice, a good athletics program and opportunities for social interaction is central to all that we do.  Likewise, a vibrant chapel with extravagant worship and inspiring preaching is central to the life of the College.

As you read this welcome note I hope that it encourages you to look at Trinity Bible College as a potential place for you to prepare for ministry, mission or the workplace. Whether here at Ellendale or through our growing and innovative off campus program, it would be Carol and my pleasure to welcome you into our learning community.