A Successful Year

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This Saturday will see us celebrate the Trinity Bible College Graduation. Hundreds will gather to congratulate those who have worked hard at their studies and are now graduating. I salute them for their efforts and look forward to the colorful ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Successfully on Our Way to Match a $400,000 Gift!


This is also the time of the year when we are able to assess the successes and challenges of the previous year. Finance, of course is a very critical measure of how the College has performed. With the exception of January when our fuel bill was very high due to the harsh winter, TBC has operated below or within budget every month. People have been kindenrollment was up in the Spring, and we are on line for another year with an operational surplus. How wonderful!

Key to this success has been a very generous matching donation of $400,000. A matching donation means that every dollar given will be matched by a kind donor. As of last week, exactly $200,000 has now been given towards this match. With two months until the financial year end, I am confident that our friends and supporters will rise to the challenge and give the remaining $200,000 balance needed. You can click here to give online now and personally join in fulfilling the many dreams and visions we have for this great College.

To all who help us so generously I offer a very big thank you!

As always, for His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President